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Fintronic Announces Super FinSim pre-installed on ASL's Monarch Linux Servers
    Business Editors/High-Tech Writers

    FOSTER CITY, Calif.--June 27, 2005-- Fintronic USA, Inc., a leading provider of high-performance Verilog simulators announced the release of Super FinSim pre-installed on ASL Monarch 8240 Linux servers.

The Monarch 8240s are scalable dual Opteron servers engineered for mission critical environment that requires maximum redundancy and uptime. With 4 Terabyte storage space and 32GB memory capacity, very large circuits can be simulated under Super FinSim at reasonable cost. To ensure compatibility and interoperability with third party applications, the platform is pre-installed with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 64-bit edition. This simulation system with 32GB memory was shown in action this months at the 42nd DAC Conference in Anaheim, CA.

Dr. Alec Stanculescu, CEO and President of Fintronic USA, stated "The availability of a turnkey Verilog simulation platform with 32 GB memory marks a new step in meeting our customers needs for simulating ever larger circuits, as well as for ease of installation and maintenance". "By combining the scalability of the AMD Opteron architecture with the high speed Super FinSim, a high end simulation environment is now attainable without breaking the R&D budget", said Jeff Nguyen, President and CEO of ASL Inc.


Super FinSim is a high performance, robust Verilog simulator, compatible with all the main players in the Verilog market.

Super FinSim's low memory requirement, proprietary swapping mechanism, compact results format, and support for separate compilation, make it ideal for use in large simulation farms. Super FinSim has by far the lowest price/performance ratio in the market.


Fintronic USA, Inc.is a technology leader in high-performance Verilog Simulation. The company is committed to develop and deliver high performance simulators that enable customers to verify efficiently the functional and timing correctness of their most complex electronic system designs.

For more information on Fintronic USA, Inc. and its products, visit (www.fintronic.com), contact Dr Alec Stanculescu at (650) 349 0108, or send e-mail to info@fintronic.com.

    ABOUT ASL Inc.

ASL Inc. is the premier provider of Linux hardware solutions. Its philosophy is to redefine Linux performance and usability by delivering state of the art platforms with extensive customizations. As part of ASL commitment to deliver the most powerful and stable platforms on the market, extensive engineering effort is directed toward the Linux kernels and rigorous system validation. Every system comes pre-installed and pre-configured with an optimized Linux operating system. Furthermore, ASL provides world-class customer support and service at no cost to its customers. For more information, visit us at (www.aslab.com) or call (877) ASL-3535.

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